Wear-Resistant and Corrosion-Resistant Products

Wear-Resistant and Corrosion-Resistant Products


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The calcined alumina product portfolio includes unground and finely ground products, as well as low-sodium, high-purity, readily sinterable aluminas for the most demanding applications. The highly stable performance of the product can ensure efficient and defect-free ceramic production, and also provide special tabular alumina pellets and composite materials for the investment casting, ceramic roller rod and molten metal filtration markets.

The alumina product portfolio can meet various needs of the architectural ceramics and industrial ceramics industries. Key application areas include glass, wear-resistant ceramics, environmentally friendly ceramics, high-voltage electrical insulators, and advanced ceramic components.

Cooperate with other equipment spare parts, such as rubber belts, steel liners and other assembly combinations can be used in other industries, such as mining machinery, petrochemical, fine chemical and other industries for wear-resistant spare parts or anti-corrosion treatment.

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