Formaldehyde Synthesis Catalyst

Formaldehyde Synthesis Catalyst


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The formaldehyde synthesis catalyst is suitable for the formaldehyde synthesis reaction using methanol as raw material. It has the characteristics of good activity, good stability, high selectivity and long life. Mainly composed of molybdenum, iron and other oxides, MoO3: 79~83% Fe2O3: 18.0~20.0%

Methanol and oxygen in the air are under the action of iron and molybdenum catalysts in the shell-and-tube reactor, and the reaction temperature is controlled to 257-400 to form the reaction of formaldehyde and water. This reaction is an exothermic reaction, and every mole of formaldehyde produced will release 157KJ/ moles of heat. This process achieves a high yield of formaldehyde and a very high conversion rate of methanol by one-step reaction , without the need to recover methanol from the final product formaldehyde, and the yield of formaldehyde reaches more than 91%.


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