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About us

About us

More than 20 years manufacturing experience, positive team spirit, dedicate to solving customer needs, constantly accumulate and update production line equipments and process, strict quality management system to ensure the production and service to be efficient and standardized operation, professional technical team work to meet the higher requirements of all customers. Long-term, focusing on the technical development and application of alumina functional materials, so that we have the confidence to provide more professional, more cost-effective and on time service.

As the most common desiccant, adsorbent, antichlor and desulphurizer, Activated alumina products are widely used in hydrogen peroxide production, air separation and preparation, gas treatment, PSA, gas chemical and petrochemical, also fine chemical desulfurization, dechlorination, defluorination, catalyst manufacturing, sewage treatment and other fields;

The tabular corundum series of products are high-end Refractory, provide raw materials, semi-finished materials and refractory products according to customers’ requirements, which can be widly used in steel manufacturing, also as industrial wear-resisting, corrosion-resisting material, non-shaped high-end casting material, etc. for industrial furnace of cement and carbon black manufacturing.

And also as a mature polishing and grinding material for metal polishing, high-end glassware and 3c parts manufacturing industry, we developed nano-alumina, cerium oxide, zirconia and silicon dioxide polishing powder, polishing fluid, etc. , keep up with development to meet the increasing needs of customers.

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