Methanol Synthesis Catalyst

Methanol Synthesis Catalyst


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Methanol synthesis catalysts are mainly used in methanol plants of various processes, including medium and low pressure processes such as Lurgi process and ICI process, and their activity level is comparable to similar foreign products. It is widely used in the production of medium-pressure alcohols with coal, coke oven gas, natural gas, acetylene tail gas, and petroleum (heavy oil, residual oil, light oil, etc.) as raw materials. It can also be used in special gas removal CO and CO2 purification devices. It has the characteristics of good low temperature activity, high conversion rate, good stability, high selectivity and long life.

It is mainly composed of copper, zinc, aluminum and other oxides, of which copper oxide: 35-65%;

Zinc oxide: 25-45%; Aluminum oxide: 6-9%.


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