Sulfur Recovery Catalyst

Sulfur Recovery Catalyst


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A large amount of H2S gas will be produced during the purification of natural gas and synthesis gas and the processing of sulfur-containing raw materials. In order to protect the environment and recover sulfur, the Claus process is used to treat the acid gas containing H2S to make hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide that pollute the environment The reaction produces elemental sulfur. The sulfur recovery catalyst has the characteristics of high activity, good thermal stability, high strength, low wear rate, resistance to sulfation poisoning, high hydrolysis rate of organic sulfur, and long service life.

There is also a “leaking O” protected sulfur recovery catalyst , which is a protective sulfur recovery catalyst that removes “leakage”. The catalyst uses activated alumina as a carrier, impregnated with deoxidation conversion active components, and removes oxygen in the process gas The content can reach 20000ppmo. The catalyst has good Claus reaction activity and organosulfur hydrolysis activity. The catalyst can be used in any stage of Claus conversion reactor of sulfur recovery unit.


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