FCC Catalyst


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The development of petroleum refining depends largely on the development of catalysts, and catalytic technology occupies an important position in refining production. The catalytic cracking catalyst (FCC catalyst) is one of the core processes of petroleum refining, and it is the most important means of lightening heavy oil and obtaining economic benefits in refineries. After decades of development, China’s FCC catalyst preparation has completed its industrialization metamorphosis, with an annual production and sales scale of more than 400,000 tons, became the world’s largest FCC catalyst manufacturing country, and is now moving forward to leading the world.

The development of medium and large pore catalysts is one of the main development directions of FCC catalysts. At present, the introduction of medium and large pores in FCC catalysts mainly relies on technical means such as acid-base modification of kaolin, ionic modification of catalytic materials, development of macro porous silica-aluminum-based materials, development of mesoporous molecular sieves, in-situ crystallization, and the introduction of templating agents, etc., which have achieved good results. It has made outstanding contributions to solving the re-materialization of FCC feedstock, reducing the coking rate of FCC catalysts, improving the yield of light products in FCC plants and producing more low-carbon olefins and clean oil production. Continuously promote the large-scale, automation, continuity and intelligence of equipment. With the development of the petroleum refining industry, large-scale integrated refining and chemical plants will pursue smoother production and require catalysts with more stable performance, and with the advancement of technology, the production of catalytic cracking catalysts is bound to enter the era of intelligence.

In addition, our company can also provide waste catalyst treatment and disposal services for oil refining enterprises. We always follow the technical route of recycling and reuse of spent catalyst resources and continue to innovate in order to realize the effective and thorough comprehensive utilization of spent catalyst resources.


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