Macroporous, Special Pseudo-boehmite

Macroporous, Special Pseudo-boehmite


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Pseudoboehmite is non-toxic, tasteless, odorless, white gel (wet product) or powder (dry product), high crystal phase purity, good molding performance, and has the characteristics of thixotropic gel. Low bulk ratio, large pore volume, large specific surface, easy to disperse, easy to dissolve in dilute acid and dilute alkali solution, and has good compatibility. After low-temperature roasting and dehydration, it becomes highly active alumina, which is a good raw material for various aluminum salts. After molding, it can be used as desiccant, adsorbent and catalyst carrier in different shapes. It is used in colorant and stabilizer in glass and enamel industry, and it is also a high-quality raw material for ink filler and luminescent material.

Macroporous pseudo-boehmite and special pseudo-boehmite are mainly used to produce catalyst carriers in petroleum, chemical, environmental protection and other industries. For example, it is applied to hydrogenation catalyst carrier, methanation catalyst carrier, automobile exhaust gas treatment catalyst carrier, etc.



25Kg woven bag; 500kg ton bag


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