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Ordinary sintered alumina needs to add a small amount of sintering aids such as MnO, CuO, TiO2, etc. during the sintering process to reduce the sintering temperature and sintering performance of alumina ceramics, and then promote sintering densification by liquid phase sintering mechanism. Therefore, the porosity of the sintered body is low, the crystals are fine and dense, but its thermal shock resistance is poor.

Sintered tabular alumina is sintered without any additives at a high temperature over 1800°C. Its microscopic observation is a fully developed hexagonal plate-shaped α-alumina crystal, and the grain size is generally greater than 200 μm. Sintered tabular alumina has excellent volume stability and thermal shock resistance In addition, it has extremely high refractoriness, excellent mechanical strength and wear resistance, superior creep resistance and spalling resistance, very high chemical purity , excellent dielectric properties and anti-acid and alkali corrosion ability, can be widely used in steel, casting and ceramic industries, as well as chemical industry heat exchange, energy storage, environmental protection facilities, etc.

High-end refractories Tabular Alumina Refractories, Tabular Corundum

Mainly distribute high-grade refractory materials and high-temperature industrial kiln equipment lining materials: corundum series refractory materials, zirconia series products, high chrome bricks, aluminum carbon series refractory materials, magnesia carbon series refractory materials, high alumina series unshaped refractory materials There are more than 100 kinds of materials, lightweight heat-insulating and refractory lining materials, etc. Among them, high-grade corundum refractory products, high-grade corundum refractory products, high-grade refractory and wear-resistant castables, zirconia products, and lightweight heat-insulating lining materials used in the petrochemical industry are sold well all over the country and countries such as the United States, Japan, South Korea, and Southeast Asia. Favored by the majority of customers.



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