Natural Gas Dehydration, SNG or other Industrial Gas

Drying and Purification

Moisture in natural gas has a very serious impact on the subsequent gas chemical and processing of natural gas, causing an increase in the dew point of natural gas.

Water inside NG will make natural gas inevitably freeze in subsequent processing for liquefaction, pipeline transportation or Air Cryogenic Separation;

Also lead to the formation of hydrocarbon hydrate precipitates that can clog equipment and pipelines;

More or interact with H2S and CO2 in natural gas, severely corroding pipeline equipment. Sour natural gas with levels exceeding national standards must be purified and desulfurized before it can be used properly.

After drying, the water content of natural gas can be controlled to less than 10 PPM, and the dew point of natural gas can be controlled to less than -60 degrees.

Molecular sieves and activated alumina are the most widely used Desiccant and Adsorbents in the field of natural gas chemical, Organic Solvent Dehydration and Industrial gas Drying and Purification.

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